woensdag 15 mei 2019

'Kaspar Hauser': de trailer van het stripboek

De trailer voor ons nieuwste stripboek 'Kaspar Hauser: in het oog van de storm' staat online...

Inclusief Engelstalige copyrights! (Zie onder). :-)

'Kaspar Hauser: in the eye of the storm' - comic book trailer

Proost / Criva / Verhast (copyright 2019) - Saga Editions 

New project: 'Kaspar Hauser: in the eye of the storm' 'Kaspar Hauser: in the eye of the storm' is the latest project by comic book artists Bart Proost (drawings), Verhast (Stijn Verhaeghe - scenario) and Criva (Chris Van Brussel - colouring). It will be published in Dutch - in Belgium (Flanders) & in The Netherlands – by quality label Saga Editions in two deluxe formats (in hardcover). The book launch will take place on 18 & 19 may 2019 at the International Comic Book Festival in Eindhoven (NL). The graphic novel will count 60 pages (including a ‘dossier’ and an interview with the creators). In full colour. This book will offer readers a unique perspective on the historical, 19the century ‘celebrity’ Kaspar Hauser, better known as ‘The Child of Europe’. The comic book will tell the remarkable tale of this myserious child who lived and died in the most exceptional circumstances. Kaspar Hauser was the enigma of his era… 

Drawings: Bart Proost / Coloring: Criva ! Scenario: Verhast (2019) Music & text: Luc De Vos / Gorki (2000)

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